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May be you’re regretting your new haircut, or trying to grow out your hair for a rapidly approaching event. No matter what your reasons are, there are some practical measures you can take to encourages speedy hair growth.
There are limits on how much hair will grow in a week , but giving your hair a little extra love will maximize hair growth in a short period.
Here we are suggesting one of a method which will help you a lot.

Using Hair Treatments

Do a warm oil scalp massage
A warm oil scalp massage uses natural oils to improve the health of your scalp and encourages hair growth. Oils like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and organ oil can all be used during your scalp massage. Keep in mind warm scalp massages have not been scientifically proven to lead a faster hair growth.

> Start by warming up the oil in a bowl of hot water. Test the oil before you use it to make sure it is not scalding hot; you want a comfortable temperature that will not damage your scalp or your hair.

> Use your fingertips [not your fingernails] to gently massage your scalp with the warm oil in slow, circular motions. If you have a partner or a friend close by, ask them to help you massage your scalp with their fingertips for about 3 minutes.

> Then ,run the oil through your hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Shampoo your hair well, possibly more than once , to remove the oil.

> Do the oil massage on the days when you normally shampoo, so that you do not end up washing your hair more than often that usual.

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