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How to earn online | Work From Home | Crypto markets

How to earn online | Work From Home | Crypto markets

What is the app?

PlotX is a decentralized non-custodial Prediction Market protocol that provides crypto traders with an opportunity to earn rewards every hour by making price predictions of popular cryptocurrencies.


How does the app work?

The working of PlotX
PlotX prediction markets offer three options in every market:
Going Up
Staying Flat
Going Down
When a market settles, one option emerges as the winning option and its reward pool consists of the sum of amount at stake in the other two options.
For example, when a market settles, if the Going Up option turns out to be the winning option, its reward pool is the sum of the amount at stake in the Staying Flat option and the amount at stake in the Going Down option.
This reward pool is distributed among the users who predicted in the winning option based on the positions they bought in the option.


How to earn from this app?

PlotX currently has 10 crypto assets to predict on, along with sports markets. With PlotX, users and traders have the luxury to select from 10 crypto markets and 4-time frames (Hourly, Daily, weekly and 15-minute markets).
Users can choose any market and timeframe and then place a prediction on their predicted option. The payouts are instant and users can make up to 3X ROI every hour. For the new users, PlotX also has a trial bonus offer going on, that ensures you get up to 3 free predictions and at least 1 free prediction.

When did the PlotX App start?

PlotX was launched on Ethereum main net in Oct ‘20. Due to the high gas fees on Ethereum, PlotX moved to Polygon mainnet.
PlotX v2 was launched on Polygon in April ‘21 so, that means gas-free trades and you can use PLOT, MATIC, USDC, USDT, DAI, or WETH to make predictions.

description: PlotX is a decentralized non-custodial prediction market that provides crypto traders with a new and fun way to trade crypto. Users can predict the crypto price action on PlotX and win 3X ROI every hour.
And with the trial bonus, you can get started on PlotX with a free prediction.



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