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mPokket Personal Loan | How it’s works

Instant Personal Loan up to Rs.30,000

Thank you for visiting our website, today we are going to share our post on how you can use
mPokket Personal APP and how this APP is beneficial for you, what is this APP, how to install it,

mPokket Personal APP

As you know that everyone wants to do further studies without being dependent on anyone, nowadays
students want to save money in advance for their further studies so that there is no problem in their
studies. The solution to this problem of the students has been found, now any student can take a loan
for his further studies. And how many students don’t do part time job along with studies, so that their
expenses go away.

About App

mPokket is the best student loan app and salaried loan app. Get instant loans for college students
and instant loans for salaried employees. Avail instant personal loans from Rs 500 to Rs 30,000.
Just open this online loan app and avail it to borrow whenever you are short of pocket money or
want to get instant cash loan in an emergency or to settle your travel plans and many more.
Consider it as an option. Manage everything with the best instant loan app.

How it’s works

Any student or salaried individual is eligible for instant loan through pan-India mPokket app.
To avail a quick personal loan, a student must be above 18 years of age and must have a valid college
ID card.

As a quick cash personal loan app for salaried people, mPokket provides loan to people who are
getting salary in bank account or through cheque. This app provides a reliable and secure payment
system without compromising their information.

Online processing: All the processes are completed 100% online, and you fill the loan application through mPokket APP platform. The loan will be issued immediately after the review of the platform is completed.

Loan Details

  • Instant Personal Loan up to Rs.30,000
  • Cash Transfer to Bank / Paytm Account, Cash Loan in 2 Minutes
  • Flexible repayments option, make repayments in 4 months
  • rewarded for timely payment
  • Processing fees range from Rs 34 to Rs 203 + 18% GST, which is 120% depending on the loan amount.
  • With max. APR of Rs.
  • Interest rates range between 1% to 6% per month. The maximum tenure is 120 days.

Loan amount – Rs 2000
Tenure – 3 months
Interest Rate – 2%
Processing fee – Rs 203
GST on processing fee – Rs 37
Total interest – Rs.120
April – 72%
The loan amount is Rs 2000, the disbursed amount is Rs 1760. Total loan repayment amount is Rs 2120.

Moreover, mPokket app is governed by RBI and mPokket app has its own NBFC license. mPokket apps
are legally compliant and well regulated.



This app provides loans to college students.
Salaried Professionals – Avail Personal Loan against take home salary of Rs.9,000 and above.


mPokket’s verification process is very easy and fast and it is considered as one of the best online loan
app (personal loan app) in India. To avail instant personal loan, submit documents –

  1. College ID card for students
  2. Last 3 Months Bank Statement, Salary Slip/Joining Letter for Salaried Professionals
  3. Aadhaar Card, Driving license, Voter ID card etc.
  4. PAN Card
  5. KYC Details

When your documents are complete and correct, as well as your Eligibility criteria match with this loan application, then you will get Instant loan approval, loan amount will be direct bank transfer from
Instant loan registration.


In case you are unable to repay the loan on time, you may have to pay additional charges and interest
which can also negatively impact your credit score. So repay your loan on time so that you do not have
to pay more interest and do not have a bad effect on your credit score.


Personal Loan mPokket is one of the best online loan app in India that provides student loan,
instant loan for salaried and trusted by 7M+ users. As a loan app for students in India, it offers
flexible repayment options. Instant loan advance for salaried is a great and convenient way to get

The entire process is 100% online and secure, with a 4+ star rating making it one of the highest rated
instant loan apps in India. mPokket has a full support team available 24×7 to resolve any user queries and complaints.


All transactions are secured through SSL encryption. All data is transferred over secured connections.
The User information will be strictly encrypted, and we promise not to disclose any personal privacy
information of users to any third party. Your evaluation of all information is solely your
To be done by the users for personal loan eligibility. It will never be used for other purposes.

Registered by RBI

Before applying for any loan, read all the details of that loan application and apply for the loan after
it is registered by RBI.
Our website does not provide loan, we only provide loan information. We give the same loan
application information which is registered by NBFCs & financial institutions authorized RBI.

You can easily take loan from this app, you can apply for loan amount as per your requirement, you
can apply for loan accordingly, after knowing your eligibility, this app reduces paperwork as well
There is less documentation so that you do not face any hassle in applying for the loan.


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