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Creditt App | How it works? | Instant Loan Approval

Creditt App

Creditt Loan APP

Personal loan – Loan App Provides loan to any person, and financially support Also, Creditt App fulfills
their loan needs by providing the best service to its customers.
Creditt gives its customers the facility to get loans sitting at home, so that customers can easily get
loans online.

How it works

Creditt – Personal loan makes it easy for you to get a loan anytime and anywhere, and get money directly
into your account in a short span of time. The loan applications are both secure and confidential.
Once the application is approved, you can get the loan without any other documents. You do not need to do application processes.

Loan Details

– Instant personal loans from ₹ 5,000 to ₹ 30,000
– Sanctions in just 30 mins
– Interest rate ranges from 20%
– Maximum 36% per annum based on the product availed
– Tenures is 90 days to 180 days based on eligibility
– Processing fees start at just ₹ 350 and the maximum is 3% whichever is
– No membership or upfront fees Representative cost of a Creditt’s Instant

  1. Loan amount is ₹10,000 & interest rate of 20% per annum
  2. Loan Duration: 90 days;
  3. Total personal loan interest: ₹334 (₹10,000 x 20%/365 x 90 = ₹493)
  4. Processing Fees: ₹350 (inclusive of GST)
  5. Total Applicable Deduction: ₹350
  6. In-hand Loan Amount: ₹10,000 (loan approved) – ₹350 (processing charge) = ₹9,650
  7. Monthly EMI Repayable: (Loan Amount + interest)/(No. Of EMI) =
    (₹ 10,000 + ₹ 493 = ₹ 10,493 / 3 ): 3498 Monthly repayment
  8. Total Loan Repayment: 13498/- at the end of completion of the loan

Loan processing fees will be deducted in advance from the principal amount and transferred to the remaining balance will be given.


  • Aadhaar card
  • Address Proof
  • Pan card
  • Salary Slip – Income Proof
  • Bank statement

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility |

  • Salaried Individuals
  • Above 21 years
  • Salary slip – Income proof
  • Bank Statement

How to apply ?

Install Creditt app Create your account by installing Creditt app from Play store.
In which you Fill the mobile number and your basic details, after filling all this, your eligibility will be
known in the app that you Whether they are eligible to take the loan or not, if they are eligible,
then the option will come for the further process, which will be followed further.
Will increase and upload your ID, Address Proof & PAN card for KYC so that your loan gets approved faster.
Received and your loan amount will be transferred to your account.

APR for different personal loan  – Creditt App

For Buy Now, Pay later loans 0%-27%,  Personal/Cash loans 18%-33%.
In addition, GST will be applicable only on the fee components as per Indian laws.

Data Security & Privacy

• All your data are secure and safe with Creditt App.
• Phone contact list will be uploaded to Creditt server
• SMS will be uploaded to Creditt servers and monitor only your financial
transactional SMS about bank-related transactions, the names of the
transacting parties, a description of the transaction and the amount of
the transaction for the purpose of performing credit risk assessment.

How and when is the penalty imposed?

Penalty is levied only when someone delays his scheduled payment. Also, GST is only for Indian
The duty as per the laws will be applicable to the constituents. Agreement shared to all customers on their registered email id
Also the customers are made aware of the details regarding fees and charges through our app.
You can access your loan details 24*7.

Registered by RBI

Before applying for any loan, read all the information about that loan application and get registered by RBI.
Apply for loan on Our website does not provide loan, we only provide loan information.
We give the same loan application information Which is registered by NBFCs & financial institutions
authorized RBI.


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