Cruelness of Humans

It is a end of Humanity, Virus is not a bigger treat of this world compared to Human.

An Pragnenet Elephent died in Kerala, Standing in water, last wednesday, After she faced one of the most Brutal Forms of animal abuse. She ate a pineapple filled with firecracker, Offer to her allegady by some locals.

It is a end of Humanity, Virus is not a bigger treat of this world compared to Human.

She was a pragnant.

She believed them. She ate it. The crackers exploded. She was in pain. She died standing in a river.
Kerala is proof that literacy dose not guarantee common sense.

On Newshour Agenda with Madhavdas G, In a mammoth tragedy, a pregnant elephant was ‘murdered’. Though she died searing in pain, didn’t harm a single human.

‘The ‘beast’ is among us, no justice for the voiceless’ Kerala breaks tusker’s trust as pregnant ‘Jumbo’ has been murdered. Humanity dies a thousand deaths. Should Animal Laws be made stricter?

The death of this pregnant elephant is not an incident. It’s a policy decision of the Kerala government, says, Gauri Maulekhi, Trustee, People for Animals Kerala is an educated State.

There is a saying that ‘cruelty comes from ignorance’. But Kerala seems to be repudiated that theory.

Sec 428 & 429 of IPC can be applied which says that whoever commits this mischief is liable to go to jail up to 2 years as well as pay a penalty as fine, says, Ambika Shukla, Trustee, Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre.

The government declares this incident to be a death, not calling it an incident, whosoever has committed this crime will be punished severely.

The cruelty shown against animals should not be spared. A case has been registered against the culprits and their anger has been started.

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